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Using only organic products is a new trend in the beauty industry en 9

Using only eco-materials in your work is the key to your beauty and health. We can endlessly talk about ours
materials, because they were selected for a long time and carefully. But we better do it personally.

365 STUDIO is a bridge to relaxation and inspiration 365 days a year.
Our key ideas are parallel services, green thinking and action.

At 365STUDIO, beauty is inalienable to health, and health to the care of the world in which we live.

Our network is represented by 4 studios in different parts of Kiev.

We create and inspire a positive image of eco-life.

We use only safe brands for nails, hair and face.

We try to do less garbage and are in the process of organizing sorting tanks at each studio.
Our team has given up gift wrapping and we try not to use disposable plastic even at corporate parties.

Being an ECO is easy. It’s important to start with yourself to inspire the whole world!

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Ми знаємо, що зробити б'юті-індустрію повністю безвідходню або натуральною — неможливо. Всі ми приходимо в студії краси за змінами, і хочемо їх отримати.

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